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Jomtaxi Driver AppJomtaxi is the most advanced mobile app that helps you, the professional taxi driver, get more orders directly from the customers, through your smart phone.
Jomtaxi: Easier, Better, Safer!
Jomtaxi is currently FREE for all drivers
Try Jomtaxi for FREE today with NO obligations.
What you’re getting:
• Orders: get a lot new orders from as many customers as possible. Our client app locates the client automatically and sends the order directly to you. Choose whether you are available to take the job, with no obligations to take an order, it’s your decision.
• Amazing clients: our customers own a smart phone, are mostly middle class young professionals who give very good tips and appreciate your service more than others do. We’ve got almost 100,000 clients in our taxi ordering system, so we know them well.
• FREE : You get to try the app for FREE, with no obligations.
• Fair pricing: We will charge a small fee from every order you fulfill through the app after the trial period, so we only make money when you do. No monthly fees and no obligations, ever. Stop at any time you want.
• Ratings: Clients rate your service at the end of the ride. Get more orders by having only 5 star ratings for every ride.
• Communication: Chat to the customer inside the app as you are on your way to them. Easily send them a “buzz” to let them know you have arrived.
• No need to change anything regarding the way you get orders at the moment.
Jomtaxi keeps you busy!
With hundreds of thousands of customers in Malaysia and lots of orders fulfilled every day, Jomtaxi is the easiest way to increase your revenues:
• You get more orders, better customers and have all the tools you need to pick them up. • Get 5 star ratings and you’ll soon be getting more orders than you can fulfill. • No obligations, no contracts, one small fee per fulfilled order.• Simple and efficient, that’s Jomtaxi
**Please note that after registration you will have to be approved by a member of our team before being able to take orders.